Dasha Milay

Young artist Dasha Milay creates surreal landscapes and portraits in a series of different scenes from realism to pop art. The pictures are painted using mostly ink and oil-based paints. To realize the image Dasha Milay uses separate elements of different artistic genres, which in a total combination describe in details the essence of the image presented by the artist.

Drawings and paintings of Dasha Milay differ with a great amount of volumetric artistic details. The works are divided into separate series, such as life in hands and forest landscapes, gently flowing to the portraits. But even they, like most works of Dasha Milay, are closely intertwined with the urban elements, making fantasy and reality inseparable.

Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev


Dasha Milay. Diptych «He and she». Paper, black gel pen, 21х30, 2015.
The painting consists of two parts — male and female images in the form of fish.


Dasha Milay. Diptych «Cupid and Psyche». Cardboard, oil, 30×40, 2013
The ancient Greek images of Cupid and Psyche, presented in a surrealistic manner


Dasha Milay. Hands. Paper, black gel pen, 21×30, 2015
The palms, which depict Kiev landscape: Metro-bridge across the Dnieper, dome of Lavra, the left-bank skyscrapers.


Dasha Milay. Hands 2. Paper, black gel pen, 21×30, 2015
Symbolic image of farewell.


Dasha Milay. Window. Paper, black gel pen, 30×21, 2015.
Romantic break. The evening, the rain outside the window, under a lamp in front of him there is an open book, he thinks about it … Almost all of the items are reflected in the window flooded with rain, that creates a sense of fragility, a pipe dream about the image.


Dasha Milay. Dawn. Canvas on a stretcher, oil, 35h30, 2015
A man wakes up in the morning in his room, still not awaken from night doubts and fear. The image of the flood and girls.


Dasha Milay. Suitcase. Paper, black gel pen, 30×21, 2015
Dual image: interpretation of old myths about the world, which rests on three elephants and a way of travel.

Dasha Milay. Fish-old man/Fish-dead. Paper, black gel pen, 30×21, 2015
The title is based on verbal harmonies. The image of an old alcoholic who «moves away from the world» to go fishing.

Dasha Milay. Transition. Canvas on the cardboard, oil, 50×40, 2014
The character looks back on his past, moving forward, which is depicted by the rails stretching off into the distance. Both conditions do not bode well, but in the right part of the picture the clouds begin to dissipate.

Dasha Milay. Adam and Eve. Paper, black gel pen, 30×21, 2016
A modern retelling of the biblical story

Dasha Milay. Fairy tale. Paper, black gel pen, 30×21, 2015
A girl reads a book, in which the images become reality

Dasha Milay. Two. Paper, black gel pen, 30×21, 2016
The way people look at each other.

Dasha Milay. Portrait of Vlad Troitsky. Paper, black gel pen, 30×21, 2016
Portrait of a famous Ukrainian actor, theater and opera director, creator of the theater «DAKH», the founder of music band «DakhaBrakha», «DAKH doters», GogolFest festival.