Exposition of Museum of Modern Figurative Art of Ukraine

06.07 - 12.07.2016

Modern Figurative Art Museum of Ukraine

In an accommodation 3,5 thousand sq.m in area artworks of over 500 Ukrainian craftsmen are demonstrated representing all art flows, schools, operating in Ukraine in the last century and at the beginning of this century. Museum collection comprises more than 4500 unique showpieces and is one of the biggest assemblies of Ukrainian pictorial art, graphics, sculpture as well as decorative and applied arts of XX-XXI centuries.

Among the artworks, featured at museum opening ceremony – masterpieces of the Ukrainian classics, representatives of modern generation of artists. Most of them are famous both in Ukraine and abroad: V.Khmelko, I.Kavarelidze, I.Pleshchinskiy, I.Trush, O.Novakovskiy, A.Erdeli, Tatyana and Elena Yablonskiye, M.Deregus, E,Volobuev, P.Stolyarenko, F.Zakharov, S.Grigoryev, V.Bernadskiy, K.Zverinskiy, R.Selskiy, N.Glushchenko, M.Weinshtein, V.Zaretskiy and others.

Address: Kiev, Glybochitskaya street, 17