We are love. This is our strength and weakness

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Let’s be on first-name basis

I greet you with my first blog from the Pacific coast of Canada and I hope for mutual and lasting communication. I look forward to tell you my stories and at least sometimes to hear from you. And I believe we’ll be on first-name basis with you.

Greetings to all, that’s my first blog straight from the Pacific coast of Canada and I hope that we will be on first-name basis with you. I am waiting to meet the world, its light and shadow, having little fear of anything. One more thing… I remember and am aware of that I’m an adult.

Do you prefer to drink tea from a nice cup and you always choose the very favorite one? And maybe you have also stored a cozy soft pillow, a bed-quilt and a plaid in a nook, under which you feel yourself like a limp, warm cat?  Once I’ve decided for myself that favorite stuff is absolutely essential for us in our rushing life, full of anxieties and worries. And perhaps that is the reason why even today, when stroking the favorite pink and blue silk robe dress, I enjoy how it yields in my hands, smoothed and is turned into mirror-like surface. When taking this action, simple at first sight, I suddenly have noticed right out of the blue a plain label sewn to a seam on one of fabric creases. At first it was designated by me as a useless label ‘Made in’ of a series ‘Made in China’, but having turned the grey linen scrap around I notice a short inscription ‘I AM LOVE’ thereon.

This phrase came upon me with a waterfall of feelings and memories. I suddenly understood that every moment in this dress I was feeling comfort, peace and calmness. Being covered by soft falls of this not very formal but simply dressy-look textile creation, each time I enjoyed, attracted or received something good, airy and cheerful.

This dress has been a part of and witnessed my uncommon encounters, pleasant communication and my simple daily joys. I remember myself in this dress by a pool with children running about, on a farm with raspberries and wine berry drinks, in a small and raw cowboy saloon and accompanied by my happy friends and their newborn baby. I flash back to myself in this dress coming across with my childhood friends from Ukraine…I was always lucky in this dress and that’s why I felt differently when wearing it.

Indeed, when ‘I AM LOVE’ then I’m strong and tender at the same time. I can work, love my friends, be in demand and see beyond the horizon of my future. Indeed, when ‘I AM LOVE’ I realize my nature every moment of my life, in any situation in different locations of the world: the ideas are flying through my head, my mind crafts images and builds my world. I deeply feel my essence and people around, easily accept any changes, enjoy my life and attract twisted adventures to my life.

That is approximately how my average day starts – with feeling the world around, dipping into its odors and its welcoming embrace. I await a meeting with the world, with its light and shadow. I have little fear of anything. One more thing… I remember and am aware of that I’m an adult.

I can listen to confessions and won’t condemn. I can kneel down, pass through a war and live to see a friend. I remember little nothings of life but I concentrate on a moment and bring my feelings into balance.

I enjoy my life not because of it’s funny but because I am love. And I give away all my tricks to the world and everything what has been accumulated and developed, learned, reconsidered and comprehended through my long or short life (it depends in whether light we view it).

I am drawing in my mind my day, think out the details, drink my tea, feeling the uneven surface of my favorite cup and I desire to share with you everything I have.

I’m not afraid at all to retell you my thoughts and to be on first-name basis with you. As I want you to see the beauty of life, for example, in a splashing brook or in a rolling urban tram, to touch this life with young or older hands, to throw prudence to the hardships and remember that we are women and should be in love regardless of country where we live.

I am dreaming that women of Ukraine, those who I know and those who I never met before would genuinely love themselves. And they also would learn their nature and remember they are beautiful and special.

We are all special and unique not because of conspicuous outer beauty, which can easily be winded on clock hands. The Ukrainian women are beautiful by their strong perception of life and unmatched tenderness. For long this tenderness is hidden behind sacks full of anxieties and worries, undetermined way of life and out-of-condition days. But then the moment comes when she can’t hide anymore and liberates as the mountain rivers of Carpathians, flowing wide streams of broad Dnipro and saves lives and country.

I come across with you, dear Ukrainian women, in different cities of the globe. I meet you confident and not self-known, business women and emigrants who have just arrived, loved and underestimated, studying and teaching, earthling and walking in the clouds. I come across with you in the airports, at business meetings, in galleries, sitting at kitchen table and in pit stalls of world’s famous opera houses. I am talking to you and fall once again in love with you, with all of us: ordinary and sophisticated, with undressed hair and short-haired, with piercing above the lip and in navel, with a tattoo or having got it off, who have lost some weight or with gathered in stomachs. You differ a lot from the Italian or French women. You are not the best in the world but you are special and unique and therefore one of the kind.

When you walk past me, I notice your Ukrainian courage and tenderness at a glance. You are noticeable to all, as well as your distinctive dark melancholy circles praised by western writers or as laugh lines below blue, green and brown eyes. These circles which appeared recently or long ago, during the years of fight for yourself and for our fairy women’s world, during the years of waiting for comfort, in days and months of concerns on peace and love.

I flourish and remember who I am in your presence. We all are love which we can both treat with care and ladle out. We carry it as a song from the childhood, as a hope anticipating turn for the better. It matured in us in this uncompromising world which is built by us and lives in us.

We are love. That is our strength and weakness, simplicity and complexity.

And as for my dress, I do not want to get used to things and that’s why I forward my favorite cloths to my friends in Ukraine. My favorite dresses, blouses and neckwear I send to my friends or simply to those people I know, rich and poor, to all with whom I’d like to talk and understand. My pink and blue dress will be delivered in Kiev this July in a suitcase of a completely unfamiliar pair from Cherkassy, who will come to my location to celebrate the graduation of their wonderful fair-haired daughter, studying in the Canadian University. They can’t wait this day to come. My friend Olga is looking forward to receiving my dress in Kiev. And I’m waiting for the conversation with you.

All our expectations look similar to beast epic of an American children’s writer known as Dr. Seuss, who can be also called an American Marshak. Thus, in one of his surreal stories, often so tricky for adults, but always so clear to children, all city folk are always waiting for something.

… Waiting for a train to go

or a bus to come, or a plane to go
or the mail to come, or the rain to go
or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow
or the waiting around for a Yes or No …

Fairy-tale citizens are still waiting but we shall start to act, to talk and brain storm, discuss strange topics, ransack in our feelings and dig ourselves out. I’m with you and it might work out…

Vancouver, Canada