Fiolet came back to their favorite city with new «True Love» EP.

Без рубрики Александра Таранюк

Rock musicians performed in Odessa about love and struggle

The famous Ukrainian rock-band known for its love lyrics hold a solo performance in Odessa. While making Ukrainian tour musicians presented new «True Love» EP in art-cafe «Hub Гостиная» in Odessa.

Фото: Таранюк Александра,
Rock band Fiolet in the art-cafe  «Hub Gostinnaya» in Odessa.Photo:Aleksandra Taranyuk,

Fiolet performed not only new songs but bringing with them a ton of old hits for the 7-years-long band’s history. New mini-album mixed different genres and styles from rock to alternative jazz among which «Two against all»,»To live eternally», «She is my».

Band performed with the following line-up Sergey Martyinyuk(lead singer),  Nikolay Timoschuk(guitarist), Andrey Aleksyuk(bass guitarist), Petr Svist(keyboardist) and Valentin Mironyuk(drummer). Loads and loads of passionate fans sang along to musicians and even outcried them.

Видео: Youtube / Musartic Group

The most of the band’s song devoted to love and craving to be with beloved for eternity. Some lyrics are written from Martyinyuk’s personal experience and feelings. He has an admiration for Odessa because it’s a city where he made a proposal to his girlfriend.

‘We performed songs which are an interpretation of my personal experience or just vivid stories from my imagination. Odessa was a spot where I was deeply impressed. I made a proposal to my girlfriend at the seaside. I was one of the most touching moments in my life’, said to Musartik vocalist.

Music clip to the sond  «Odessa» by Fiolet.


Видео: Youtube / fiolet video

Talking about Ukrainian rock-stage, the lead singer pointed out that music became a big thing in Ukraine.

«Ukrainian society got fed up with routine problems and could be comforted in music. It became a way of escaping reality. It stimulates  musicians and festival managers to work harder which gave impulse to new various bands. Hope it’s not a short-term trend», — tell Musartic Sergey Martyinyuk.


Фото: Александра Таранюк,
Photо: Aleksandra Taranyuk,

Devoted fans made a paper purple wave as a flash mob. Musicians were truly moved by such support in Odessa.

Fiolet played «Go to sleep, Odessa!» in conclusion and wished fans not to be ashamed of their feelings, love each other and keep the mood up in the most precious moments with music.

TrueLove tour continues. The next concerts plan in Kiev, Cherkassy Sumi, and Kharkiv.

Earlier, as Musartic reported, on November 15th в in Odessa Philarmonia performed the famous Moscow poetess Ah, Astahova (Irina Astahova), who gained her popularuty after having posted her poems on social networks .