150 years of history in a new novel ‘DNA’ written by seven Ukrainian authors

Без рубрики Кристина Мура

An eclectic novel «DNA» about 150 years of history of Ukraine through an example of seven generations.

The unique assembled novel «DNA» which was written by seven Ukrainian authors was presented on November 16. Form and content of the book are both unique. All stories center on the study of Ukrainian generations and then flow the reader to the real-time events.

Presentatin of the book «DNA».From left to right:  Segey Zhadan,Vladimir Rafeenko,Andrey Kokotyuha,Aleksand»Fozzy» Sidorenko.Photo by Khrystyna Mura, musartic.com

Authors (Sergey Zhadan, Yuriy Vinnichuk, Irena Karpa, Aleksandr «Fozzy» Sidorenko, Maks Kidruk, Andrey Kokotyuha and Vladimir Rafeenko) narrate about a scientific research on the Ukrainian student of the fancy Chinese university who gets to know his past due to decoding the genetic code. In a result, seven «recalls» start showing up which tell a story of the long-gone generations. The characters begin to better understand themselves and ancestors’ life during tragical historical events.

A group of authors was forming during  several years which led to creating a so-called ‘assembled novel’.

Presentation of the book «DNA».Sergey Zhadan tells about the process of creation of the book. Photo by Khrystyna Mura, musartic.com

The idea came to mind of Aleksandr «Fozzy» Sidorenko, one of the authors of the book. He wanted to tell a story of the unknown nuclear explosion which occurred in the early 70s in Kharkov.

‘I wanted badly to depict a history of Ukraine and connect it with a life of a couple of generations. Each author has written his own story for a long time and then we tried to herd it in one piece. It was harder than wrote the whole book myself’, tells Sidorenko.

The novel doesn’t have distinct and steady stylistic. There are not only a fiction but drama and grotesque as well. According to Ukrainian writer and poet Sergey Zhadan, it’s the main feature of the collaborated literary piece of work.

‘It is no wonder chapters look so diverse because they were written by different people with various styles, attitudes, recollections, and feelings’, says the author.

Spectators at the presentation of the book «DNA». Photo by Khrystyna Mura, musartic.com

According to the authors, characters’ life is imbued with tragedy, when other ones seem like desperate scums. The general thrust of the novel is that people kept their most valuable trait — self-honesty.

‘We should question our humanity today, tomorrow, yesterday, every second. Do I speak honestly? Do I truly love my mother, wife, country?’, address Rafeenko to the audience at the end of the presentation.

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