Diva Monroe presented her debut book at the Book Arsenal, «That’s great that I’m not a woman»

Без рубрики Diana Pokrovskaya

Travesty diva Monroe presented her debut book «That’s great that I’m not a woman» at the «Book Arsenal» on April 22, 2016. The author shared her observations of the behavior of women and men, and gave her recommendations to the readers.

«The book is about finding yourself and your partner, about the aims and objectives. It is rather a concept, my personal view of women! And men as well got their share,» — Monroe said to Musartic.

According to her words, 400 copies were sold on the first day of the exhibition.

Monroe during the presentation of the book at the «Book Arsenal». Photo: musartic.com

«A woman in her race for marriage plays a long-term game and has a strategy, and a man has a sexy passion and bites at the bait. So dear, if you want to get such men be the only one and unique for your partner.» — she recommends to her readers.

Video: Youtube / Musartic Group