Svoi Vocal Hall presented a controversial music video of Anna Kross to the song “Do not leave me”

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The video for the song «Do not Leave» with half-naked singer called scandalous and epatage

On April 25, 2016 in Kiev, Svoi Vocal Hall presented a music video of Ukrainian singer Anna Kross to her author’s song «Do not leave me». This music video contains conflict and erotic scenes in which men push a naked singer and entwist her with the chains. Anna Kross explained to Musartic that the singer wanted to show the way conflicts are raging in the hearts of people, when all kinds of stereotypes prevent them from being happy.

«The chains are torments of the soul, nakedness of the body is nakedness of the soul»

«People resist their inner wishes and often live according to the principle – not to be judged”. The entire music video is based on the prototypes. I wear no clothing, and just have a light make-up. The chains are torments of the soul, nakedness of the body is nakedness of the soul. This music video is like a black square of Malevich — everyone finds what is close to his or her hearts. But you should not consider this video work literally, because it contains the internal human rueful feelings «- the singer says.

The teaser to the song «Do not leave me». Music video will appear after release on TV screens.

Video: Youtube / Ярослав Маруженко

Together with the director of music video Yaroslav Maruzhenko, Anna Kross co-sponsored the idea of this music video. Photographer Ilona Rukobratskaya was called a godmother of music video.

«She helped to organize everything within short timeframes, beginning with make-up and ending with locations,» — says the singer.

From left to right: photographer Ilona Rukobratskaya, director Yaroslav Maruzhenko, arranger Dmitriy Kirnos, singer Anna Kross, drummer of the singer and one of the actors participating in this music video Denis Shkel, makeup artist Alina Kalkan, Pavel Panasiuk. Photo:

According to the singer, work on the music video, beginning with ideas, shooting, editing and ending with preparations for its presentation, lasted for six months.

«It is okay for a creative person»

Ukrainian singers came to congratulate Anna Kross on her new work. Many of them sang their congratulatory parties.

«I was very pleased to meet Anna. Earlier, I was not familiar with her creative work, but I was captivated by her heavenly voice, the power of her expressiveness and professionalism. Her texts and spiritual richness describe Anna as a very intelligent and strong person. I am thankful to the fate, grateful to Ilona Rukobratskaya for meeting such a wonderful person»- opera singer Alena Grebenyuk shares her opinion with Musartic.

«I am not going to give a professional assessment to this music video, as I am not a music video maker. I just want to say that this video is quite controversial, but this scandal is sensible. And it is okay for a creative person», — Grebenyuk concluded.

Opera singer Alena Grebenyuk. Photo: facebook / Ilona Rukobratskaya

TV producer and musician Aleksey Gladushevsky called Anna’s music video a perfectly normal expression of creativity, even if it’s a bit controversial.

«I do not think it is controversial. For me the most important thing in this music video is the song. To my mind, it is one of the best works by Anna. This music video is very simple and nothing distracts from the song itself. There are no gorgeous clothes and extra scenes…. Everything is very concise, including a light makeup. As to the chains – it’s a piquant moment, characterized by raging, referred to in the song «, — Gladushevsky commented on the music video.

TV producer and musician Aleksey Gladushevsky. Photo: facebook / Ilona Rukobratskaya
New vocalist Dan. Photo: facebook / Ilona Rukobratskaya

Singer Lora Superfin performed a mischievous and fervent song «Dress» at the presentation.

«I have known Anna for not so long, but at once we found a common language, which was music. Anna, first of all, is humane both in life and in music. She does not like to talk much, but in order to understand her, it’s just enough to listen to her songs. Nowadays it is difficult to find such a person, whom you will believe perfectly. I am very pleased that I have become a part of her big day on the occasion of video presentation, and, to be honest, I have received an immense amount of heat, and a positive charge. I wish her to never lose herself, because the audience likes the way she is»- Superfin told us.

The music video, according to her words, is very sensitive and emotional.

«It is felt that the main character really knows what love is», — she added.

Singer Lora Superfin. Photo: facebook / Ilona Rukobratskaya

The youngest singer at the party of Anna Kross was 12-year-old Johnson Antonio Braziliero – a young pianist, recognized as the most creative baby of Ukraine in 2015.

Anna Kross, Antonio Braziliero Johnson with his mother Irina Samsonenko. Photo: facebook / viktor.kovalevskij

After the show, Anna Kross sang the song «Appreciate the time» well-loved by many people.

Video: Youtube / Musartic Group