Tarabarova, Kross and Gray decided the winner of Kiev karaoke

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At the finals in Kiev karaoke Ukrainian artists Svetlana Tarabarova Anna Kross and Egor Gray chose the winner of the song contest

On June 25th, 2016 at one of such contests in the karaoke hall of PLOV restaurant in Kiev the final contest of three karaoke finalists was held. The contest was judged by starry cast of the Ukrainian stage Anna Kross, Svetlana Tarabarova and Egor Gray.

45 years ago in the Land of the Rising Sun little-known worldwide drummer Daisuke Inoue invented an exceptional method to entertain the yawning audience. Once in a Japanese establishment, where the rock-group was giving a concert and in which Daisuke was a drummer, the microphone and the lyrics were simply handed over to guests in the hall from the stage. While the band was having a rest and gathering strength between the performances, the listeners turned into performers and the tedious waiting for the artists transformed into an exciting entertainment for them. This had happened in 1971 but the discoverer of karaoke became famous only in the 90-s. Nowadays the innovation of the Japanese drummer is not merely world-known having shaped an individual music format but also it is a musical contest of vocalists.

Each contestant on a rotation basis of karaoke hall performed three songs what was followed by the jury’s decision.

‘Miroslava was not merely singing but she had been thoroughly preparing. She knew all the songs, was not following the text on the display but was working with the audience and the jury. When performing Valeria’s song ‘On serpentine’ she was not just wearing a dress with a train as Valeria did, regardless it was not that bright, but also attracted her friends as backup dancers. Her vocal was good as well as her performance was artistic enough’, — the singer and the jury member Anna Kross said about the winner of the contest Miroslava Philippovich.

Singer Anna Kross. Photo by: Vladimir Bugayenko / geometria.org.ua

According to her, Maria, who was third in the contest, was significantly behind her rivals, didn’t learn the lyrics and could not inflame the audience.

‘The girl simply turned back on the jury as she hadn’t learned the words and had to look straight into the display. There was a feeling that everything she was thinking of was to read out the lyrics of the English-language song timely. She should at least have learned the songs she performed and face toward the audience. Having such an attitude to the contest, Maria had little chance to beat out such strong contestants, — Anna Kross said.

Ukrainian singer Egor Gray named ‘unmanageable’ songs as the reason why other participants lost.

‘You try to cope with very complex songs. That is so desperate. It’s so important to balance and to estimate your efforts and only then you will hit the mark. Not every professional artist can sing those covers which we heard today’, — Egor Gray addressed the contestants.

Singer Egor Gray. Photo by: Vladimir Bugayenko / geometria.org.ua

But in spite of that, Artem who took the second place, after performing of Okean Elzy’s rather challenging songs ‘Obiymy’(Embrace) and David Guetta’s ‘You take me down’ became the crowd-puller. Even the contest winner Miroslava Philippovich was confident of his victory.

‘Artem was singing in a very professional manner. I was confident that he’ll be appraised as a winner. But apparently my artistic impression helped me as far as I never practiced professional singing’, — the winner of the karaoke-contest Miroslava told Musartic.

Finalists of karaoke-contest Maria, Miroslava Philippovich and Artem. Photo by: Vladimir Bugayenko / geometria.org.ua

As it turned out, artistry is a professional skill of the winner. Miroslava Philippovich is a theatre and movie actress. She studied the performing arts in Kharkov and is an actress at the theatre as well as features in TV series now. She arrived to the contest from one of such film sets.

‘This is a comedy series which will come out soon. I was too exhausted to come to the contest but my friends persuaded and backed me up as this is a good chance to have a rest and to switch off from work’, — summarized Miroslava.

After the jury announced their decision, Svetlana Tarabarova solemnly declared the winner: ‘Dear friends! Salute with cheers! Not only a beautiful girl, not only a performer, but also the genuine artist – Miroslava’.

Singer Svetlana Tarabarova unveils the contest’s winner Miroslava Philippovich. Photo by: Vladimir Bugayenko / geometria.org.ua

A joint performance with Tarabarova and its recording came as a pleasant surprise for the winner.

‘It was a kind of experiment. And I think that I will step aside and wait while Miroslava is shutting me off, the singer told the guests. – So, shall we sing? We believe in love, friends!’

Song ‘My verim v liubov’(We believe in Love)

Video: Youtube / Musartic Group

The song ‘My verim v liubov’(We believe in Love) finalized the song contest and was accompanied by dances of establishment’s guests.

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